Echeck betting sites use your bank account as a deposit method. Online betting players are to enter the details of their bank account, including the amount to be withdrawn from it. It is just like writing a check except it is done on the Internet. The process is extremely simple and used amongst online players for their betting needs.

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Using Echecks To Make A Betting Deposit

For online betting players to use an echeck as a betting deposit at their account with the betting Web site of their choice, it is necessary for each player to follow the steps below: Go to the betting site of preference. If you do not already have an account, then register. If you do have an account, then take the time to log into it. Go to the cashier’s section or the area of the site that deposits are to be made. Select the betting deposit option: echeck. Enter the deposit amount to add. To complete the deposit, input the routing number, account number and check number found on your paper check.

Deposit At Echeck Accepted Betting Sites

A paper check will be needed to have handy at the time of a making a betting deposit. On that check are three important numbers to pay attention to, in order to properly make a deposit with the echeck method. Those numbers are: 1st number is the routing number, located the bottom left of the check.

The second number found on the check (as shown in the image below is called the account number. This would be the exact number to your checking account.

In the image below you will find the location of the check number and will be the last number on that row that you will need. The check number can also be found in the top right-hand corner of the check.

Benefits Of Depositing with Echecks

One of the major benefits of using this betting deposit option is that it gives online betting players instant funds to bet with. When the money is deducted from the customer’s bank account it can take between three and ten business days for some betting sites to complete the entire transfer.

Echeck Betting Deposit Fees

Betting providers cover any echeck fees associated with this betting deposit method. As a result of this, online players are not charged a fee when using this as a betting deposit option.