PayPal was started back in 1999. It is a type of electronic wallet service (also known as e-wallet) that Internet users can use to make online purchases of good and services. Merchants are, also, able to use the service to sell their products including any services they are offering for purchase. The auction giant called eBay has since bought the PayPal service. There are at current over 170,000,000 account holders on their PayPal system. It is accepted in many countries worldwide and still expanding in other areas of the world. Registration for a PayPal account is completely free to individuals as well as companies.

Best Paypal Betting Sites

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Using PayPal To Make A Betting Deposit

Some betting Web sites allow PayPal as way for players to deposit funds in to their accounds. It is important to already have a PayPal account created and funded in order make a deposit into betting sites. PayPal offers three types of accounts for users to pick from. Select one, verify it and fund it. Afterwards, use the funds to deposit into your favorite betting Web site making sure the amount to deposit is entered into the appropriate field.

Where To Get PayPal For Betting

In order for online players to get a PayPal account for betting they would go to the PayPal site on the Internet and sign up. The steps would involve: Enter this web address into your browsers url bar: Press the enter key. At the top of the loaded page, click on the link that reads: Sign Up.

The next page, as seen in the screenshot below, will require you to select which country you currently reside in. There are many countries to choose from, please select only one.

Select one of the three accounts to open a PayPal account: Personal, Premier, or Business by clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button. Finish the process for opening an account and after you fund it with your bank account you will be ready to deposit your funds into a betting site of your choice.

Deposit At PayPal Accepted Betting Sites

Above you were shown where and how to get a PayPal account for betting. The next step would include going to your favorite betting provider and follow their procedures for depositing funds from PayPal into your betting account.