In 2000, an electronic wallet service by the name of EcoCard launched. It is a prepaid card that offers all of its users a fast and hassle-free experience when making purchases on the World Wide Web. EcoCard offers registration ree of charge and supplies security for all transactions.

Best EcoCard Betting Sites

Using EcoCard To Make A Betting Deposit

The necessary steps involved pertaining to using EcoCard for betting deposits is just three steps. Each step, of course, has its own steps. However, in a nutshell, online players can expect to do the following: Register at the EcoCard Web site for a free EcoCard account. Fund the new account with a bank transfer or a credit card. Register with a betting Web site. Choose EcoCard as the betting deposit option. Enter the amount of funds to add. After online players successfully go through the above five steps, the funds will be available for their online betting activities.

Where To Get EcoCard For Betting

Go to the EcoCard site at
On the right side of the page, click on the button that reads: Join us.

As shown in the screenshot below, complete a process that consists of four steps found on the next page called ‘Register for an account:

  • Step 1 – Enter your account details.
  • Step 2 – Enter your details.
  • Step 3 – Confirm data entered on the first two steps.
  • Step 4 – Complete the registration process.

The remaining thing to do is to add funds into the account to participate in online betting activities.

Deposit At EcoCard Accepted Betting Sites

There are three things to do to add funds into a betting Website using an EcoCard account as the betting deposit option. Mentioned below will be a summary of the steps involved if a player has not registered for an account on either the EcoCard site or the betting site of his or her choice. Go to the EcoCard site to open an account and fund it. Have a visit to the site of a betting provider of personal preference and register. At the cashier, deposit, or funding screen, select EcoCard as the form of betting deposit you wish to make. Spend the funds on your betting activities once the funds are accessible for spending.

Benefits Of Using EcoCard For Online Betting

EcoCard is one of the best funding solutions for the betting industry. It offers security, safety, and fast payment solution to online players. In addition, EcoCard offers its user not just fast but a reliable and hassle-free way to make betting deposits at online sportsbooks. Some betting sites will offer bonuses for using this as a betting deposit method. And last but not least, it completely free for users to create an account with them.

EcoCard Betting Deposit Fees

Online players can expect minimal fees when transferring money using their EcoCard card. This also applies to any other payments made using the EcoCard payment system.