Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher deposit option for funding accounts at online betting sites. The Paysafecard system allows players to convert cash into vouchers for betting deposits and works for online shopping.

Based out of Austria and open since 2001, Paysafecard is especially popular in Germany, Hungary, and most Western Europe. Paysafecard is also growing in popularity in Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America.

Best Paysafecard Betting Sites

Using Paysafecard as a sportsbook deposit method is increasing in popularity because Paysafecard is 100% safe. There are absolutely no fees involved in online transactions, including depositing into the sportsbook and online bookmaker accounts. Available at over 200,000 locations around Europe and quick expanding into other areas, Paysafecard is one of the easiest ways to deposit real money into online sports betting accounts.

Paysafecard sportsbook deposits are prepaid and 100% safe and anonymous. Users purchase a 16 digit pin code to use as cash instead of submitting personal credit card details to online sportsbooks and betting apps.

Using Paysafecard To Make A Betting Deposit

Go to the Web site of Paysafecard to receive information of where the nearest local store is to you that sells Paysafecard vouchers. Register with a betting provider of your choice. Input into the appropriate fields the amount of money to add. Finish the betting deposit by entering the 16-digit PIN assigned to your voucher. After online players successfully make a betting deposit, the money will be accessible to spend on online betting activities. Do note that there over 15,000 shops in the U.K. that sell the Paysafecard vouchers and hundreds of thousands of stores that do too as well over in at least 20 countries of Europe.

Where To Get Pay Safe Card Vouchers For Betting

The Paysafecard Web site has relevant information on where to get Paysafecard vouchers for online betting. Go to:

Choose the flag of the country that you are living in from the following screen that loads up. A screenshot is below of what that page will look like for easy guidance.

To find the nearest store in your area that sells the vouchers/card, please proceed to click on the link that reads: Find stocklist. Go to the store once found and purchase the voucher. Bettors can purchase them with values of 10 pounds, 25 pounds, 50 pounds, or 75 pounds each.

Deposit At Paysafecard Accepted Betting Sites

Depositing at betting sites that accept Paysafecard is really simple: Get the Paysafecard voucher/card at a store nearest you. Visit the betting Web site of preference and proceed to register.

At the screen requesting payment information for betting deposits, enter the amount you wish to deposit.? Complete the transaction by adding the 16-digit PIN issued to you along with the purchase of your card/voucher.

Benefits Of Using Paysafecard To Bet Online

Paysafecard vouchers are a great source to use as a betting deposit because no debit card, credit card, or bank account information is required to disclose to participate in online betting activities. These vouchers are just like cash.

Paysafecard Betting Deposit Fees

For the first twelve months of having the Paysafecard voucher (from the moment it was issued), there are no fees involved. But after the twelve months, Bettors will charge a fee of two pounds monthly from the credit amount.

The Financial Services Authority regulates Paysafecard in the UK, and therefore, the rules are pretty strict. The site continuously monitors users to prevent underage gambling and ensure safe and legal transactions.